Pioneering Change Community

A supportive place for Pennsylvania's professional municipal managers to
take a deeper dive into issues and ideas that push the front end of their field.
We are about informal exchanges and networking to generate ideas and new ways of thinking and doing.


This community was created to tap the tremendous potential of the collective talent, knowledge and experience of professional municipal managers and create new ways to work together to bring out progress and change.

We are a professional manager or work in a leadership capacity within the field of local government and share the values of neutrality within the political realm, professional integrity, and a commitment to working across siloes to learn from one another.

We explore intersections in our field and strive to deepen our understanding of our what will make a difference going forward. We draw upon our collective experience to solve the most difficult problems.

Our mission is to encourage relationship-driven problem solving within and across municipalities so that local governments continue to thrive as the responsive and vital link between people and their government.

We come together as professionals to take a deep dive with challenges and projects that are consistent with our best vision for local government.

How it works

We come together virtually in a private online community forum and at regular events.


We are in the process of exploring the best ways to interact and connect with one another.

Right now we are designing roundtable events will be purposeful, high level exchanges, solution-focused, responsive to the current needs of managers and allow for informal follow up exchanges.


Our private community platform is available to you anytime. It provides opportunities to explore discussion topics offline and join small group discussions where members discuss common interests and concerns.

Encountering a problem for the first time? The experienced community can offer suggestions and expertise to help you take the right approach and make the right decisions.


We host informal sessions to work on shared issues and concerns. We also host roundtable events featuring members and invite outside guests to attend. Our topics come from members and range from developing young professionals to technology, community engagement and wrap around emergency services.

This if for you if

  • You’re a local government leader in Pennsylvania.

  • You value relationships as a way to solve hard problems.

  • You believe in service first in your professional life.

If that sounds like you, we’d love to have you join us.

Request an invite to our next community event

We are building this community for Pennsylvania local government managers and leaders. Join us!

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Thank You

Vision is realized when it emerges from quality interactions and
relationships between diverse participants.
I am so glad you are here!